I'm here to shake things up.

I create and share art to serve as a reminder to always live in the present, love, relax,
be kind, enjoy life, and love yourself.

An Artist's Journey

In 2014, I immersed myself in creating artwork because I needed an outlet where I could express myself and bring my visions to life, without the pressure of pursuing perfection.


Over the years and across the globe, I developed a dynamic collection of art, photos, and sayings that I feel inspired to share. Each piece of artwork is a piece of myself, and I am grateful to share each and every one of these pieces with the world.


Creating art always reminds me of how much I enjoy life. Every time I browse through these photos and memories, it reminds me that life is beautiful. That’s why I like to display reminders like these all around me—to help me remember that the journey is a blessing.

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Enhance Your Space

Bring beauty, depth, and warmth into your home or office with these unique canvases and more, inspired by travels around the world.

Get Cozy

Snuggle into a comfy hoodie or t-shirt, or curl up on soft blanket with a warm mug of tea [and stay inspired with these original designs that serve as daily reminders]

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Keep the Egyptian vibe alive!  

Sunrise & Sunset

Enjoy the colors of the sky, and find peace within the new... 

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Home Decor

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